Quality policy

It is the policy of PEHALWAAN (PVT) LTD to provide quality products to the customers with a view to exceed their expectations. We want to achieve product leadership and customer satisfaction in the domestic & international market by supplying Pehalwaan Rewri to meet the requirements of relevant national and international standards.

To further enhance this commitment towards quality, Pehalwaan (Pvt.) Limited’s management has set the following quality objectives:

  •  –  To ensure conformance to product specifications of all goods marketed to customers.


  •  –  Provide confidence to management, our employees, and customers that the requirements for quality are being fulfilled and maintained and that quality improvement is continuously taking place.


  •  –  To develop measurement techniques to gauge performance for improving the effectiveness of our products, operations, and quality management system.


  •  –  To be a trustworthy and leading player in the industry this provides consistent high-quality products and services in the market.



With this vision, we want to create a culture of continual quality improvement at PEHALWAAN (PVT) LTD.


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